I love the 40’s May 7th, 2012 1 comment

I went back to the 40’s this past Saturday with my friend Kait who embraced that character as if she were born in that time.  Picking out the clothes, youtubing hairstyles, running around Manhattan for props, flipping through many books of pinups, and watching the Candyman video by Christina Aguilera a million times got me super excited to do this shoot.  It was such a blast, from the non-stop laughing throughout the shoot down to the shortcake painting my corduroys white.

Click on FUN IN THE ’40’s to watch a video of the shoot.

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  1. Tom B

    These pin up pics back in the day are the first girly pictures I saw growing up. Born in 1950. You and Remy Blue did a great job. I realize it has been over a year ago, but I just found her blog. She has funny and interesting stories. I would like to tell her that but her comment section is too complicated for me to navigate through. Not like yours. Will you forward this to Remy Blue?

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